MÜHLE Sophist Porcelain Safety Razor

MÜHLE Sophist Porcelain Safety Razor


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Sophisticated and discerning, the SOPHIST collection is part of the MÜHLE classic range. Combining timeless forms with fine materials, SOPHIST is a celebration of traditional Rasurkultur.

The Material:

Made from delicate porcelain with chrome metal highlights, the history of the porcelain is said to date back over 2,000 years. Each razor is shaped, glazed and fired by hand to achieve the classic clean and elegant finish. A premium product that produces a distinctly close and lasting shave.

The Razor:

A real investment piece, the R84SR supersedes the need for single-use plastic. Growing concern in the effects of disposable plastic makes the R84SR a great choice for the environmentally conscious, reducing both unnecessary plastic waste and unwelcome environmental impacts, without compromising on precision.

Blades are easily replaced by unscrewing the head of the Safety Razor. Replacement blades can be purchased from us, we recommend the rust-proof MÜHLE razor blades, a perfect match for this timeless razor.


Dimension: 42 mm x 125 mm

Weight: 96g

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