Welcome to MÜHLE Store, Berlin, Where Refined Style Meets ‘Hygge’ Spirit

Welcome to MÜHLE Store, Berlin, Where Refined Style Meets ‘Hygge’ Spirit

It’s been a while since many of us have traveled, especially to farther off destinations ‘across the pond’ and beyond. Here at MÜHLE, we’ve always had a pioneering spirit, and the act of travel with all its curiosity and adventure is certainly something we’re missing. But as a global brand, we enjoy drawing inspiration from the places around the world that we come into contact with regularly, especially stores and barbershops that focus on self-care, grooming and have an interesting heritage or story to tell.

Such is the case, with our own MÜHLE Store Berlin and Barbershop. Opening in 2014 in the central area of Mitte, it is our first brand store, arriving just off 70 years from when the company was first established.

Pictured: Manager, Fred Schulz outside MÜHLE Store & Barbershop, Berlin.
Photo Credit: Leonie Hinrichs

As we ventured into retail, we wanted the MÜHLE Store to be a place where shaving culture or ‘rasurkultur’ as we like to say in Germany is celebrated. The elegant MÜHLE showroom includes specially designed presentation areas displaying collection highlights as well as a sophisticated yet comfortable barbershop offering stylish shaves and haircuts.

The centrepiece of the space is an elongated washstand which serves as a physical invitation to try out products and experience grooming rituals, preferably there and then! MÜHLE Managing Directors Andreas and Christian Müller, who have been running the company founded by their grandfather for many years now, are keen to point out that what they are conveying with each store, product and space is an attitude to life; namely taking time for self-care rituals. This philosophy echoes throughout the store, the simple monochromatic white furniture, and impressive lighting draw focus to gem-like razors and brushes made of unique, sustainably sourced woods, porcelain, carbon, chrome, and high-grade resin.

Pictured: Interior MÜHLE Store & Barbershop Berlin.
Photo Credit: Jo Zarth

 The pedestal like championing of the products is underscored by a warmth and cosiness that doesn’t always come hand in hand with such a refined space. This hygge* (a Danish term that expresses that feeling of happiness derived from comfort, wholesomeness and well-being)  like quality comes from a few places; skilled barber Dennis has a loyal following of customers who describe his services as ‘perfect’ and evokes an aura of calm that reverberates throughout the store. The classic leather barbershop chairs and furnishings next to the oak floor add to this ‘right at home’ feeling while historic tools and utensils tell stories of the origins of artisanal processing at MÜHLE.

Pictured: Historic tools and utensils on display in-store, tell stories of the origins of artisanal processing at MÜHLE.
Photo Credit: Jo Zarth

But as with anything, it’s overwhelmingly the people that make a space inviting and interesting and much credit here goes to store manager Fred Schulz and the lovely customers who walk through the doors every day.

With Fred’s leadership, the customer base has grown significantly, sporting a well-kept silver beard, the genial store manager’s sincerity becomes immediately apparent in conversation. Fred waves off the compliment of his success as store manager saying, “I’m not into self-congratulation. The answer is most likely I love my job. I love communication . . . I was on fire with enthusiasm from day one.”

Fred enjoys explaining about the manufacturing quality of high-end products and getting into conversation with the customers he affectionately refers to as ‘repeat offenders’ who come in to try out and stock up on MÜHLE shaving soaps and creams as well as other cosmetics from the considered multi-brand section. His noteworthy beard in a shaving store is the start of many jovial conversations but Fred is quick to point out that contrary to what you might think, proper shaving is essential when it comes to a beard in order to shape the fine contours. He asserts that he is at an age now where his sculpted beard is no token of hipsterism but a statement.

 Pictured: Fred creates a convivial atmosphere with customers. 
Photo Credit: Leonie Hinrichs

As you would expect, with a talented store manager, Fred relishes these interactions with customers and makes some friendly observations himself, noting the pleasure customers take from the tactile store experience and that classic and modern sets like ‘The Traditional and Hexagon series both excite customers’ and the increasing number of women taking an interest in acquiring lifetime shaving products for themselves, as they would like their bathroom to be plastic-free’.

Indeed, our self-care culture at MÜHLE, full of heritage yet always evolving and looking to the future is one of our defining characteristics, we like to share this with our customers through our ethos, product lines and interactions. Now in our 75th year of manufacturing premium shaving hardware and accessories, we are proud to also have a London flagship MÜHLE Store and Barbershop, which launched in 2018.

And so, when the time comes that more of us can once again set off to far off destinations, we will delight in greeting our customers from around the world sharing stories and taking part in self-care journeys together.

Pictured: Fred enjoys telling the stories behind the quality of high-end manufactured products. 
Photo Credit: Leonie Hinrichs


MÜHLE Store Berlin

Rosenthaler Strasse 40/41

Hackesche Höfe- Hof 4, Berlin Mitte, 1018

Opening Hours: Mon - Sat 11am – 7pm