Shaving Soap Versus Shaving Cream

Shaving Soap Versus Shaving Cream

When transitioning to wet shaving the amount of information and choices you are faced with can be a little daunting. After carefully researching brush types, razor types and brands you are then left with the question of skincare. The classic question of shaving soap versus shaving cream can be a difficult one as, essentially, they both aim to do the same job. They provide cushion and lubrication with the intention of achieving a smooth and gentle shave. However, understanding their differences and deciding which one is right for you can be vital in your experience of wet shaving. This blog aims to identify some of the major differences between the two and, hopefully, make the decision a little clearer.

The first major difference between shaving soap and cream is, of course, their consistency. Shaving soaps are usually set firm and sold in puck-like forms. Shaving cream, on the other hand, is usually softer in consistency.

Shaving Soap Lather

The variance in texture and consistency makes a big difference in the skill and technique required to produce a lather from the product. Due to shaving soap’s harder form, a decent lather will require more moisture. Needing water, a good brush and practice, lathering a soap can take time to master. Thought of as the traditional method for wet shaving, many experts feel shaving soap can provide an equal, if not better, cushion and lubrication to shaving cream. Requiring more attention to detail, shaving soap can also, if done right, give you more control over the lather itself. For example, the thickness, aeration and volume of the lather.

Also sold in different forms, MÜHLE offers shaving soap as individual soaps, as sticks and also presented in neat porcelain dishes. Again, depending on your requirements each have their own benefits. Individual soaps are great for those that may already have a dish or bowl and can act as a neat refill. Shaving sticks are fantastic for the traveller and can be lathered directly without need of a bowl. Finally, the porcelain dish with soap makes the perfect gift or investment for the beginner.

Sold as: Individual Soap CA$13, Shaving Soap Trio CA$34, Soap in Porcelain Dish CA$45, Shaving Stick CA$13. Available in Aloe Vera, Sandalwood and Sea Buckthorn.

Shaving Soap Accessories

Another advantage of shaving soap is that it can fit neatly into a soap dish. The MÜHLE RN6 chrome soap dish for CA$38 is very popular and matches particularly well with our iconic Traditional sets. Versatile porcelain soap dishes can also be purchased with soap infills in Aloe Vera, Sandalwood and Sea Buckthorn. Our Sophist, Vivo and Rytmo sets are also available as 4-piece sets with dishes included.

Shaving Soap

Shaving Cream Lather

Although a shaving brush is still recommended with shaving cream, it is generally considered easier to whip the product into a lather. Often found to be more moisturising than shaving soap, a quality shaving cream can produce a richer and creamier lather with great cushion and lubrication. The more modern process allows for an easier and quicker method. These qualities make it a great choice for beginners and practised wet-shavers alike.

Sold as: Organic Shaving Cream Tube CA$24, Shave Care Shaving Cream Tube CA$21 (Aloe Vera, Sandalwood and Sea Buckthorn).

Shaving Cream Accessories

To get the most from your shaving cream tube, start by squeezing a small amount into a bowl. Bowls and Mugs are the preferred containers for cream (as opposed to dishes) as the depth holds the rich, creamy lather very well. It also ensures that you don’t wash any of the cream away down the basin. Our porcelain crucible mugs have convenient handles, so you can easily grasp the mug in one hand and the brush in the other. Classic porcelain shaving bowls, available in black and white, are a simple, elegant option.

Shaving Cream

The Fragrance

Then comes the choice of fragrance, with both soap and cream being available from MÜHLE in three classic scents:

Sandalwood- Fragranced from essences of the Sandalwood Tree and refined through a multi-stage distillation process, the range gently revitalises and moisturises the skin. Classy and distinctive, this fragrance contains fine notes of coriander, star anise and deep balsamic wood. Suitable for medium to dry skin. Available as soap or a cream.

Sea Buckthorn- Gently calming and revitalising, this range’s signature scent is obtained from plants in various coastal areas. Sea buckthorn is rich in palmitic acid, supporting the natural regeneration of your skin’s cell structure. Citrus and fresh, this fragrance contains fine notes of lime and orange. Suitable for all skin types. Available as a soap or a cream.

Aloe Vera- Fragranced using leaves of the Aloe Vera plant, this range gently soothes and refreshes the skin. Soft and caring, this fragrance contains fine notes of oakmoss and mint. Suitable for even the most sensitive of skin types. Available as a soap or a cream.

Organic- Only raw herbal materials obtained from organic farming or organic wild harvesting are used in the MÜHLE ORGANIC range, with each product being certified with the BDIH. Fresh, floral and green, MÜHLE ORGANIC range is gently fragranced with notes of lime, mint and vetiver. Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive. Available as a cream.

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