How To: Recycle my Razor Blades

How To: Recycle my Razor Blades

An icon of zero-waste, investing in a safety razor can be a fantastic way to become more sustainable. With the razors themselves lasting years upon years, and now even our packaging being completely recyclable, the only real waste product is the razor blades. They are, however, easily recycled- it’s only about knowing the how and where!


Collecting the Blades

As most of our customers will know, razor blades cannot, unfortunately, simply be thrown away loose into general waste. Incredibly sharp, even the dullest of blades can pose a real hazard. Therefore, one of the easiest solutions is to collect the blades in a safe container. This way, the blades can be stored and accumulated, preventing any risk of injury and saving excessive journeys to your local recycling center.

There are a few ways to collect your used blades, you could, for example, reuse the original razor case. For a more long-term solution, however, we recommend investing in a blade bank. Similar to a piggy bank, the container can collect hundreds of blades before it needs emptying. Made of porcelain, our blade bank has been designed to dispose of your blades safely and stylishly. Unlike most blade banks, the MÜHLE design also boasts an opening at its base meaning the bank doesn’t have to be thrown away with its contents. Simply save, collect, dispose and start again!

 MÜHLE White Porcelain Blade Bank
The  MÜHLE White Porcelain Blade Bank


Recycling the Blades

Once collected, just empty your blades into a scrap metal container and visit your nearest recycling center. So as long as the box is metal (and sealed!), this can all be placed in the metal bin at your local recycling center. That’s it!
As a precaution, it is always worth checking with your local recycling center before recycling.

 MÜHLE 10-Pack Safety Razor Blades
MÜHLE Safety Razor Blades, now in environmentally friendly paper packaging.


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