Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

As thoughtful and beautiful as they are practical, why not give the gift of MÜHLE this Valentine’s day? Hand-finished and always created with sustainability in mind, our lifetime products offer a touch of luxury to daily routines, gifting the opportunity to slow down and delight in the smaller pleasures. See below our top picks for this Valentine’s including some of our most elegant forms, eye-catching materials and nurturing formulas!

1) The Organic Body Care Set, CA$65

Beautifully presented, this body care set is fantastic for even the most sensitive of skin. Complete with full-size Organic Shower Gel and Body Lotion, the set contains no synthetic fragrances or colourants, only mild hints of lime and mint fragrance – a delightfully fresh and nurturing gift!

The MÜHLE Organic Body Care Gift Set
Pictured: The MÜHLE Organic Body Care Gift Set

2) The TRADITIONAL Tortoiseshell Open Comb Razor, CA$62

One for the shaving enthusiast, this striking razor is our choice for the ultimate close shave. Deep ochre depths and striking tones of warm tortoiseshell, the R103 has heaps of personality making a stunning addition to any bathroom.

The TRADITIONAL Tortoiseshell Open Comb Razor
Pictured: The TRADITIONAL Tortoiseshell Open Comb Razor by MÜHLE

3) The Sandalwood Shaving Soap with Porcelain Dish, CA$40

Delightfully warming and distinctive, the Sandalwood shaving soap gently revitalises and moisturises the skin. Complete with a porcelain dish, the dish can be used to both lather and store the soap and can be reused again and again! Soap refills are available in classic Sandalwood, zesty Sea Buckthorn and soothing aloe vera.

The Sandalwood Shaving Soap with Porcelain Dish
Pictured: The Sandalwood Shaving Soap with Porcelain Dish by MÜHLE 

4) Argan Oil, CA$38

Perfectly pocket-sized, this deceptively small bottle packs a whole host of benefits and uses! A skincare superhero, the super-lightweight oil can be incorporated into almost any part of your skin (and hair routine). Great both pre-shave, to soften hair, and post-shave, to help repair the skin, there isn’t much this wonder oil can’t do.

The Organic Argan Oil
Pictured: The Organic Argan Oil by MÜHLE 

5) The ROCCA Matt Stainless Steel Shaving Set, CA$378

Beautifully sleek and modern, the Matt Stainless Steel ROCCA shaving set is one of our newer finishes. As stylish as it is durable, the set is made from the finest marine grade stainless steel- a gift that will truly stand the test of time.

The ROCCA Matt Stainless Steel Shaving Set
Pictured: The ROCCA Matt Stainless Steel Shaving Set by MÜHLE 

6) The Alum Block, CA$28

Beautifully crystal-like, the Alum block is a must for any wet shaver. Often referred to as ‘the original aftershave,’ the Alum block is perfect for sealing small cuts, fighting acne and can also be used as a zero-waste alternative to deodorant. Effectively killing any surface bacteria, this small stone is a real miracle worker!

The Alum Block
Pictured: The Alum Block by MÜHLE 

7) The MÜHLE Blade Bank, CA$35

Encouraging good, sustainable habits the MÜHLE Blade Bank allows for the safe disposal of blades in a stylish accessory. Collecting used razor blades for years to come, this sweet blade bank is a great choice for the shaving enthusiast and the eco-conscious alike.

The MÜHLE Blade Bank
Pictured: The MÜHLE Blade Bank

8) The Sophist Porcelain Fusion Razor, CA$238

An ode to classic Rasurkultur, the boundless romantic forms of SOPHIST are as elegant as they are timeless. Made from delicate porcelain with chrome metal highlights, the history of the porcelain is said to date back over 2,000 years. Each razor is shaped, glazed and fired by hand to achieve the classic clean and elegant finish.

The Sophist Porcelain Fusion Razor
Pictured: The Sophist Porcelain Fusion Razor by MÜHLE